Custodial wallet for banks (applied as VAS).
The first FIAT* to Web3 direct payment system.
Customers do not need to have crypto.

* traditional fiduciary money

Web3 represents the vision for the next generation of the Internet,
often referred to as the Internet of Value.

Our solution provides with:

Custodial wallet meeting MiCA requirements.

Easy enter to Web3 world with traditional FIAT money.

Various crypto and tokens in one place.

The easiest way to pay for Web3 services.

No need to set up crypto exchange account.​


We bridge payments between traditional and crypto worlds:

when third party controls private keys:

when users control their private keys:

We bridge payments between traditional and crypto worlds:

get the easiest way to
buy and quick transfer of crypto to
friends and family, as well as pay for Web3 services.

accept payments in FIAT.

accept payments by crypto
in their on-line stores.

implement our custodial wallet
into their web and mobile application*.

*Our solution meets MiCA requirements.

Owing a Web3 project, accept payments in any FIAT as USD, GBP or EURO. Customers can use their card, bank account or blik similar solutions.

Running treditional e-commerce business, accept payments in crypto. We get crypto from customer, you get FIAT from us.

We bridge the traditional and crypto worlds supporting:

Example usecase:


Choose NFT


Click to buy it


Choose myDAPPwallet


Make payment with Credit Card

myDAPPwallet offers easy payment process thanks to common traditional channels such as credit card or bank account.

Thanks to myDAPPwallet everybody can join DAPP/DEFI/NFT market!

GET access to 7.7 billion people with myDAPPwallet !



Current DAPP Services Purchasing Process

Today every user has to be familiar with the crypto world to pay for Web3/DAPP service. There are several complicated steps to purchase a Web3/DAPP service, too difficult for a common FIAT currency based customer.

Check below

Open crypto exchange account

The consumer creates account and transfer FIAT to exchange

Swap FIAT for Crypto

Using a Crypto Exchange, consumer must purchase a specific crypto currency such as ETH, EOS, TRON

Transfer to Wallet

Consumer has to transfer bought crypto currency from Exchange into external crypto wallet, i.e. Metamask

Connect to Web3/DAPP

Consumer has to connect crypto wallet (i.e. MetaMask) with DAPP service

Finaly Pay for DAPP

Finally consumer can pay for Web3/DAPP services using crypto currency

myDAPPwallet Process

Our solution simply streamlines the process of purchasing blockchain-based services for people who don’t use cryptocurrencies by integrating traditional payment systems with blockchain technology in the background.

Here is how we do it

Open myDAPPwallet account

Consumer opens account: no need to transfer FIAT nor buy crypto​.

Pay for Web3 /DAPP with FIAT

Consumer can pay with credit card, bank account, blik or PayPal. Our system seamlessly converts FIAT to cryptocurrency required by Web3 App.

Get Web3 Service

Web3/DAPP receives payment in crypto. Consumer gets the service to myDAPPwallet account.

The Consumer is be able to pay for DAPPs service in one step in one system. All the complex blockchain steps are running in the background without the Consumer input requirement. The effort is not more than a standard credit card purchase transactions well known by every Consumer.

Why more people don't use DAPPs


Anxiety of the Unknown

Like any new technology, it takes time for people to get used to it. Many people in the world still believe that cryptocurrencies is another financial bubble that does not provide the security of their savings like banks or mutual funds and etc., quite the opposite.

Unfriendly Access

Access to blockchain technology requires use of a cryptocurrency wallet like i.e. Metamask. Most people don’t have any knowledge of how to use it.

Lack of Knowledge

Acquiring knowledge requires much effort on users part.

Difficult Tools

Managing a crypto portfolio requires use of tools that most users are unfamiliar with.

Lack of Central Shopping Location - “Steam” for Web3

The community of people already using blockchain-based services is very scattered, and lack of a central location like Google Play, makes it very difficult to promote DAPPs to a single larger market where general DAPP customers reside. As a result, all affiliate and marketing programs in the world have a very low effectiveness in promoting this type of application, and each DAPP is on its own in marketing efforts. Currently no group synergy of DAPP industry promotion exists.

Road Map


Strategy agreed

January 2022


May 2023



Starting sales and marketing

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